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What our customers are saying about us…

We love all feedback from our customers, the awesome stuff and the ideas on ways we can be better.  Here are some of our more recent notes…  spoiler alert – they are all awesome!!!

CODY, You and your team have literally blown me away!!!!!!  This is FANTASTIC and WORLD CLASS!  I am going to make a huge deal out of how you and your team deliver value to Shell.  I knew we picked the right partner for this one. Great work everyone. FISH – John R. Fish | Director – Project Support Services

I (along with all the other people involved) am extremely pleased with the quality and craftsmanship from Delta.  From the packing slips, packaging, quality of work and all of the effort to ensure that we are getting exactly what we need. I am definitely suggesting that we use Delta for all of our support needs. – Heath Blanchard, Material Manager, Bilfinger Westcon Inc.

The information that is supplied with the delivery is exceptional. Better than any other pipe support fabricator that I have used in the past. Your team is very upfront and the communication coming from Delta is exceptional.

J.H. (John) Gorski
Site Material Manager, LACC / MEG