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Pipe Shoes / Saddle Shoes

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Designed to support over-sized and heavyweight piping, pipe shoes (also referred to as pipe line shoes or piping shoes) elevate the pipe at some height above the supporting foundation or structure. Pipe shoes sometimes act as a wear plate for process piping to prevent wall thinning from vibration or thermal cycles. Generally pipe shoes are custom made with a fast turnaround to meet specific project requirements.

Common Applications

Chemical Industry
Oil & Gas Refineries
Pulp & Paper
FAQs for Pipe Shoes and Saddle Shoes
How do I size saddles for pipe insulation?
You should size your saddle pipeline shoe based on the diameter of the pipe and the thickness of the insulation.
How do I support a pipe without welding?
An anchor system can be used to keep the pipe in position, with supportive structures incorporated into the design to maintain constant tension throughout the pipe’s operating cycle.
How do you inspect pipe shoes?
Always ensure that your pipe shoes lack severe corrosion or damage to the shoe plate components. Additionally, verify the following for these shoe types:
  • Welded design pipe shoes—welds are in tact.
  • Bolted pipe shoes—bolts are in tact, all components are tightened to the correct torque specifications.
  • Insulated supports—bolts are intact and properly tightened, insulation is complete without being damaged or exposed to the environment.
What is a Hot Shoe?
A hot shoe is a type of insulated pipe shoe/support that cradles the pipe, and is intended to withstand extremely high temperatures of over 200 degrees Fahrenheit.
What is a Split-T?
A split-t is a pipe shoe made from a cut w-beam. The flange becomes the base of the shoe and the web section is welded to the pipe.
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Case Studies

Supporting a Massive Ethylene Plant Expansion

  • 395 Tons of Steel Consumed
  • 99% On-Time Shipments
  • 60k Shop Hours Worked
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