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Delta has assembled the necessary tools, experience and resources to provide services critical to keeping our customers projects on track, on time and on budget. Our capabilities are ever-expanding to meet our customers needs, improve the quality of our products, and get them to the field faster.  Between our arsenal of equipment and our tenacious craftsmen, our results are limitless.  What problem can we help you solve?


Up to 3.5" diameter holes plus CNC milling to accomodate holes up to almost any size... Learn More

Pipe Profiling

Cope and bevel pipe up to 24" NPS Learn More

Water Jet Cutting

Precision plate cutting - any shape, size or design up to 6" thick carbon or stainless steel. Learn More


Turning produces pins, threading, shafts and various configurations as needed. Learn More


Phonographic Spiral and Concentric finishes Learn More


Material is removed to provide mating surface.  Primarily seen in female RTJ blinds. Learn More


CNC Milling of valve parts, plate flanges, spectacle blinds, flange modification and other specialty parts. Learn More


Can turn up to 84" diameter with 5' under rail. Learn More

Oxy-Fuel Cutting

Cuts up to 6" thick carbon steel and 2.5" thick stainless. Learn More

Hi-Def Plasma Cutting

Cuts carbon up to 2.5" thick and stainless up to 2" Learn More

Flange Reconditioning & Modification

Delta can turn flanges from 1/2" to 60" diameter. Learn More

Bending & Forming

We can break up to 2.5" thick plate. Learn More