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Delta’s Total Support Solution (TSS)

Not just support. Total, full-scale, all-out, mind-blowing support.

“We start when you start and WE WIN!”  We refer to our solution as THE DIFFERENCE. Delta is defined in mathematics as the incremental change in a variable – the difference. Delta could be the incremental change you’re looking for to move your project execution to the NEXT LEVEL. When it comes to pipe supports and vessel supports, Delta has formulated the perfect suite of services for flawless project execution – from ISO take-off to the right supports delivered to the job site at the right time, we are 100% accountable for your supports start to finish!

How it Works

  • A partnership from project Start to Finish
  • Delta receives ISOs at the same time as you
  • Delta keeps a running catalog of all ISOs received
  • Catalog contains all needed pipe supports, quantities and spool locations
  • Delta names all supports per your specifications and provides PART IDs for your parts library
  • Delta does all MTO including CAD drawings and BOMs
  • Delta provides all needed info to your Procurement group within agreed upon pricing structure
  • ERP system interface can be developed for seamless integration with Delta
  • With the go-ahead from procurement (PO#), Delta begins fabrication ahead of schedule
  • Delta provides REAL-TIME Production Status Reports throughout the manufacturing process
  • Delta tracks all welding qualifications to approved welding procedures on every job, every time
  • Delta provides 100% traceability of all materials including filler metals
  • Delta provides bar-coded/QR coded supports identified with Detail #, ISO, spool, etc…
  • All support info can be provided in advance of shipping for easy receipt and tracking
  • Delta assumes all responsibility for ensuring all supports needed for project are correct and on-time
  • Delta provides GPS trackable shipping containers for jobs requiring longer lay-downs
  • Delta’s Interactive Customer Portal makes project tracking, documentation, information exchange in general… EASY & SECURE!
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TSS Synergies

  • On-time deliveries
  • Reduced project delays
  • Efficiency in engineering parts we know
  • Less RFI Holds
  • Pre-established smart pricing
  • Improved project budgeting
  • Minimized expediting fees
  • Better transparency for resource planning
  • Real-Time tracking and progress reporting
  • Less shorts or overages on project
  • 100% Traceability of Materials and Qualifications
  • Best marking and identification in industry
  • ISO specific packaging / tagging for field supports
  • Field-Assist Drawings (FAD) for SAFER, FASTER installation
  • DELTA TRAX eliminates time spent searching for supports
  • Secure Customer Portal allows real-time insight for expediting
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From ISO take-off ...
through manufacturing ...
through manufacturing ...
to custom tagging and packaging by ISO ...
to SAFER installation...
to SAFER installation...

The Difference Extends to Field Installation

Delta’s Field Assist Drawings, FADs as we call them, help craftsmen and the material control team locate the right supports in the lay-down area.  Our FADs also show the craftsman where the supports are designated for on each isometric.  And to take it one step further, in keeping with Delta’s commitment to safety, both in our shop and your job-site, we identify all “tack-only” supports to ensure that they are handled with extra caution and that field welds are completed after adjustments are made.

Want to know more?


In partnering with our customers to better understand the challenges with supports, we have learned that keeping-up with all of the supports on the job site, is challenging all by itself! Delta is pleased to offer Delta TRAX as our newest addition to our TSS suite of services! We have partnered with Samsara to offer GPS tracking for any Delta shipment.

Each collapsible shipping container is equipped with a GPS tracker. Tracking information is updated each time the container is moved and every 12 hours. Delta can provide location history upon request or at a scheduled frequency. Additionally, we can assist with setting up your own personal or company portal into our Samsara tracking portal to monitor movement of Delta containers. When all material has been removed from the containers and they are no longer needed, you simply return to Delta or contact us to arrange pick-up.

Tracking by container means that you can know the exact GPS coordinates any time you need to locate a specific support! With 40-60 supports per container, this solution is affordable and virtually eliminates time searching the lay-down yard for Delta supplied supports.

Sturdy containers with lids allow stacking in lay-down yards
Collapsible for efficient return to Delta!

3 New Office Locations in 2023

2023 brought exciting new growth for Team Delta! After 39 years of sharing office space with our shops, our Accounting, Estimating and Planning teams have moved into new offices in Zachary, Prarieville and Denham. Being closer to our homes, our kid’s schools, day cares and working in the communities we live in, has been a great investment in our people! We are proud of our new spaces and we can’t wait to see our team grow personally and professionally.
We are so thankful for our customers continued trust and partnership and we look forward to serving y’all even better in this next big chapter for Team Delta!!
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