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Guides, Stops & Anchors

Pipe guides are used to facilitate thermal pipe expansion so that axial movement is properly directed to expansion joints. Guides prevent bowing and buckling of pipe. Fabricated pipe guides are available in many configurations and ensure positive pipe alignment, protecting both the pipe and the expansion device from failure. Pipe guides are always recommended in applications involving pipe movement and can be used in all process piping systems. Guides that restrict movement in two directions are referred to as stops while anchors restrict movement in all 3 dimensions.

Common Applications

Oil & Gas Refining Systems
Steam & Water Systems
HVAC Commercial Systems
Cryogenic & LNG Systems

Case Studies

Supporting a Massive Ethylene Plant Expansion

  • 395 Tons of Steel Consumed
  • 99% On-Time Shipments
  • 60k Shop Hours Worked
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Methanex Catalyst Rockets

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Custom Job-site Paddle Blind Rack

  • Safety First
  • Ease of Use
  • Mobility
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