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Manufacturing Capacity

Over 80,000 square feet of “we’ve got your back.”

With 2 fully staffed and equipped facilities totaling over 80,000 sq ft. of manufacturing space on just over 14 acres and a large and reliable supply chain, Delta is well positioned to prioritize your company’s work while offering quicker turnaround times than competitors at affordable prices.

Adams Facility

Machining Fabrication Processing

2 Overhead Cranes

7 Acres of Outdoor Storage

75 Avg. Tons / Month

50K Products Manufactured / Year

24K Sq. Ft. of Shop Space

Choctaw Facility

Carbon Fabrication Alloy Fabrication Processing

6 Overhead Cranes

7 Acres of Outdoor Storage

180 Avg. Tons / Month

200K Products Manufactured / Year

60K Sq. Ft. of Shop Space

Major Equipment

Plasma Cutting Machines
  • Hypertherm Plasma Cutting Machines (9)
  • Alltra CNC 400 Amp Hi Def Plasma/Oxy Fuel 10’X20’ Plate Cutting Machine
  • Alltra CNC 300 Amp Hi Def Plasma 10’X10’ Plate Cutting Machine (Alloy Only)
  • Kinetic 2500 CNC 260 Amp Hi Def Plasma/Oxy Fuel 12’X 22’ Plate Cutting Machine (Dual Station)
  • Haas 30SSY CNC Lathe w/ Live Tooling (16” Dia. x 20” Lg.)
  • Haas SL40 CNC Lathe (26” Dia. x 40” Lg.)
  • Kingston HR-2000 (40″ x 80″ Gap Bend Lathe)
  • Cincinnati 80” Vertical Turret Lathe
  • King 48” Vertical Turret Lathe
Band Saws
  • Cosen CNC Dual Column 24” Band Saw
  • Hydmech CNC Dual Column 28” Band Saw
  • Hydmech CNC Dual Column 22” Band Saw
  • WF Wells CNC Dual Column 16” Band Saw
  • WF Wells Manual 16” Band Saw
Pipe Profiler
  • HGG PC600 CNC 5 Axis 3D Pipe Profiler (2” NPS to 24” NPS)
Welding Machines
  • Miller Welding Machines (40)
Water-Jet Cutting Machine
  • Omax 120X 5 Axis CNC Water Jet 10’X 13’ Plate Cutting Machine w/ Beveling Head
Press Breaks
  • Accupress CNC 750 Ton X 14’ Hydraulic Press Break w/ 5 Axis Back Gauge
  • Atlantic CNC 350 Ton X 14’ Hydraulic Press Break
  • Piranha 140 Ton Ironworkers (2)
  • Piranha 90 Ton Ironworker
Vertical Mills / Drill Presses
  • Haas VF6 CNC 4 Axis Vertical Mill (60” x 30” x 30”)
  • Mori Seiki MV-55/50 3 Axis Vertical Mill (40″ x 20″ x 20″)
  • Carlton 84” Radial Drill Press
  • Ikeda 48” Radial Drill Press

Separate Alloy Handling & Fabrication Shops

In 2018, when our customer needed to meet stringent material segregation requirements extending to the support scope of their project, Delta answered.  We added an all alloy material handling shop including forced down draft plasma cutting, saws, forks, alloy plate dogs, alloy work tables, the works…  We added all electronic craftsman welder qualification tracking and filler material traceability.  We are 100% outfitted to meet the most stringent project production and record keeping requirements.

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